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Networking is the Foundation for Business Growth

82% of Business Owners say that most of their business comes from referrals. However, most don’t have a reliable way of getting referrals consistently. Networking has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate referrals and revenue growth.

BNI Czechia offers a proven system of referral marketing that helps you grow your business locally, nationally, or internationally. Our powerful network joins selected growth-minded people committed to help each other to grow, offering a solid roadmap for our members.

The World’s Largest Referral Networking Organisation

Formed in January 1985, BNI is the largest and most successful business networking organisation in the world, helping SME businesses from 76 countries across more than 10,800 chapters scale their business.

How does it work?

A BNI Membership provides the right environment, training, and support to build trusted relationships that help grow business. Weekly local chapter meetings follow a structured agenda that is proven to maximize referrals.

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Benefits of Joining BNI

Scale Your Business

Grow your professional network

With the right Net-WORKING attitude, the typical BNI member increases their business connections by an average of 200/year across a wide array of industries. The best part is that all these are the result of a conversation, and many will evolve into long-lasting relationships built on the solid foundation of shared values. Each member in your BNI network contributes to your success and you to theirs.

Cultivate Business Relationships

Scale your business

Your BNI membership is strategic word-of-mouth marketing that works! Our core philosophy of Givers Gain® brings members together to support each other’s business growth by providing qualified referrals and opportunities.

Visiting a chapter meeting is the best way to experience the power of a trusted business network and learn how BNI could transform the future of your business by meeting quality business professionals in your local area.

Become a Master Connector

Evolve your networking and business skills

Evolve your networking and business skills

When you are part of BNI, you get access to mentors, networking experts, and a host of professional development resources through the BNI Business Builder platform. Plus you get to sharpen your public speaking skills in a safe and supportive environment, which is building your confidence for pitching your business. Overall, to be part of a BNI community is the most amazing businesses team feeling and gives you an edge over your competition.

Succeed Online and Offline

Three Ways to Experience BNI Czechia


BNI In-Person

For those who prefer handshakes and personal interaction.


BNI Online

A convenient way to meet, connect and grow from the comfort of your home or office.


BNI Hybrid

The best of both. Meet in-person the first week of the month and the rest online.


I love that BNI allows members to build mutually rewarding relationships with other like-minded and committed business owners. it happens frequently in our chapter: a member knows someone wanting to buy a house. One referral can lead to many opportunities. Often that one referral will multiply and become a referral will multiply and become a referral for the realtor, title attorney, home inspector, mortgage broker, electrician, pest control, painter, home security consultant, handyman, HVACM, exterior/windows, financial advisor, estate attorney, and accountant! A team of professionals makes that home ownership dream become their dream home in a very short time.


Brad Lawlor

HomeTeam Inspection Service of Kentuckiana


I was introduced to BNI by a close friend and now business associate. My wife and I both visited our friend's chapter and was immediately impressed with the structure, the predictability of the schedule, the mentorship, and the Givers Gain attitude. I was pleasantly surprised how much business was generated in just one meeting. I was hooked. I just joined shortly after and have been a member since. Seeing the success I have experienced myself, I knew I need to give more back so I have taken on roles within the leadership team like Visitor Host and now Vice President. BNI is now part of our strategic market plan. As we continue to grow, I will have additional Payroll Vault employees within other chapters.



BNI Member | Payroll Vault

Join this Friday’s info-session!
Hop on a 30 min zoom call with National Director Diana Masopust and learn how BNI works and if this is the right opportunity for you!

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